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Goliath Lifting Company has the best gym accessory you didn't know about?

Weight lifting Grips. Deadlifting. Barbell Row
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Goliath Lifting Company we want to provide every lifter with quality products that you will use daily. Our equipment can be used by anyone. Whether you are a finely tuned competitor or new to fitness, we are creating top tier lifting grips for everyone. When you order a pair of Goliath Lifting Grips, we want you to feel confident knowing that we have created the best product for you. Your experience with our grips will have you feeling overly satisfied with your purchase.

#1: What is A lifting Grip/Strap

Lifting Grips are gym accessories made to strap around your wrist and the weight that you are using. It allows you to be one with the bar or dumbbell you are lifting. The grip itself is strapped to your wrist, and then wrapped around the bar or handle.

#2: Why Do I need Lifting Grips

For many gym goers one major weakness happens to be grip strength. Anytime you are doing pull ups, deadlifts, any type of rowing movement, your grip tends to give out before the muscles you are working fatigue or reach hypertrophy. This means you are leaving gains on the table. After you strap on a pair of these weight lifting grips you will understand how much more weight you can lift and how much stronger you could be.

#3: Why choose Goliath Lifting Company over other competitors.

The problem with many gym accessories, is that they are made for the masses and are sold in bulk to gyms. Which means most of the time the equipment isn't made or designed by the people that use them the most, such as body builders, powerlifters, everyday gym goers, crossfitters, and fitness trainers. GLC has developed our grips with the help of fitness professionals that work in the industry to create the best product on the market. GLC grips are made to be more durable and more comfortable than any other lifting grip.

Become The Warrior

Goliath works with Trained professionals, IFBB pro's, and top tier trainers representing our brand. As we consistently innovate our products, we collaborate with our consumers and athletes to improve them, such as our lifting grips. When you purchase our lifting grips, you can workout with confidence because we guarantee that the many hours of testing put into your product will endure whatever workout you put it through, whether you're strength training, bodybuilding, or just training for health and fitness.

Learn more about our products online at Goliath Lifting Company.

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