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On your journey to becoming stronger , faster, and healthier, we will find small roadblocks along the way. Sometimes the weight we are trying to pull is to heavy for our grip. Sometimes the the grip on the machine or dumbbell is too rough for our hands, which create calluses.

We have Created a pair of weight lifting straps that give you the benefit of lifting heavier weight than you could ever imagine. Instantly add more weight to your deadlifts, complete more pull ups, pull heavier barbell rows, and any other pulling movement. we have added cushion to your palms. Any horizontal pushing exercises like, barbell bench press or dumbbell bench press will feel much easier on the hands. Any Vertical pressing movement will feel more comfortable too on exercises like, barbell military press and seated dumbbell shoulder press.


Today, there are virtually unlimited options in lifting grips available on the market. Our strength lies in the fact that we were founded by Fitness Trainers, athletes, and enthusiasts striving to take our physical limits to the next level... So, we developed premium, heavy-duty products that can help us achieve our goals.

Based on our extensive experience with Elite bodybuilders, Top Level trainers, and Clients, we realized we could improve on numerous aspects..   1.Creating stronger and safer equipment that will take a beating of everyday lifting.

 2. Taking the leading brands and finding ways we can improve on quality of material and putting our products through rigorous testing.

 3. When it came to fitness equipment, longevity is a key component - we never want to produce a product that was unsatisfactory. Fraying stitching, thin padding, or any other issue that came up. In order to hit your PR's and numbers in the gym, you need strength, stability, and support. You have come to the right place because Goliath Lifting Grips are what you're looking for.

What  Makes Us Different?

 When shopping for top quality workout equipment today, it's easy to wind up spending a fortune and ending up with gear that comes apart quickly or looks dreadful. We determined through constant trial and error that we could combine exceptional value with an attractive appearance and, most importantly, an effectively working and durable product. We want everyone to feel the support, strength, and confidence that comes with Goliath Lifting exercise equipment.

For optimal longevity, durability, and functionality, our goods are evaluated by world-class athletes at the pinnacle of their respective sports.


We attempt to improve our products with each release, and our mission is to innovate in athletic performance.


Join the Goliath army and take your training to the next level with our premium lifting grips.



Fitness Trainer

Glad I found these wrist straps. I’m new to lifting and these are game changers. Love the color and quality of the product. 😍 I reached out to ask a couple questions and they replied quickly and helped me with everything I needed.

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